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OK, so we hope you’ve all heard about the akaQA blog by now. This is the place where we can keep you updated on the latest improvements and updates to the site and post stories sent to us by akaQA members.

This week we asked Colleen, our moderator on akaQA and one of our top contributors, to write something about herself. Hope you’ll enjoy her story and we hope you’ll send us your own stories as well! You can write something about yourself, or simply an interesting story or experience you’ve had. Just send it to us through the contact button on akaQA.com.

And now, here is Colleen’s Story:

I joined akaQA in Feb 2011 after I saw an ask a question button that had appeared on my toolbar. I clicked on it out of curiosity and saw a list of questions. One topic interested me so I opened it to give my answer had some dialog with a few people who were members and the rest as they say is history. I’m still here and still giving answers. I’ve met a lot of people through this forum, some I’ve gotten to know pretty well. We have our agreements and disagreements, some all out wars but in the end, we all come together to support each other. I spend a lot of hours here. I am a moderator and I assist the administrators with site issues by reporting errors and complaints about the application as I see them. Get use to seeing me around a lot because I am. I am everywhere on this forum and read most all questions that pass through here. I do my best to cover a wide range of topics and give the best answers I can, the best advice I know and present my opinion to a multitude of subjects. I’ve often been told to “get a life” because I am here so much posting in a lot of threads or taking a newbie to task because they think the forum is a place where they can post vulgar or insulting comments or use it as their personal playground. Let me just say, I do have a life but being retired my life  does not require a lot of attention or time so I do have a lot of hours to dedicate to moderating the forum and I do my best to keep it from becoming a playground for the young, the immature and the bored. We have a lot of wonderful people here who give many hours out of their day to help others because they care. One of my jobs is to protect them from abusive mouthy flybys. By flybys I mean the people who post a few times just to cause drama and then leave. I am very serious about my duties here on akaQA. I will not back down just to give someone free reign to do what they want. I am very fair to all as long as I or the forum members are not abused.
I am an ex truck driver. I never hauled cross country because I preferred being home nightly. I had my relationship to go home to along with all my pets. I loved trucking but the roads got too busy and even though I was a night driver, I still faced a lot of traffic on the highways where I had to play chicken with a lot of drunk drivers. I cannot count the amount of times I was on the highway and had some drunk driving the wrong way straight at me. The roads got too scary for this seasoned driver so I looked at my savings, new I’d be OK and decided to retire. akaQA has become my full time “job”. So yes, I am always here and always vocal.
I am a straight forward speaker. I do not sugar coat and I do not hand hold. I just tell it like it is. Some take that as mean or abrasive but it’s not. Text is harder to understand than voice because voice inflection is hard to insert into text. I’ve been accused of being angry when I’m not. Like I said, I’m just direct. Always have been, always will be. The one thing you can count on with me is that if you need help, I’m there. You might not like my advice but it’s the best I will have to offer from my perspective and experience with life. I never expect anyone to take my advice without question. If it does not work for you, no problem, everyone sees life differently.
Let me get this out there also just to have done with it. You will see me the most vocal in topics about homosexuality. I will take anyone on in that. I am a lesbian and I do fight for gay rights. I stand up against viewpoints that see my life as sinful, hellish or disgusting. To that I say, stay out of my bedroom because that really is the only part of my life or the gay life that most people have a real issue with. akaQA is a diverse forum. All are welcome here. All religions,  races, sexualities and all political parties.  Everyone should feel safe here and if they do not, either myself or another moderator or an administrator will do whatever it takes to make that person feel safe, even if it means suspending the abuser.
I am 49 years old and am currently single by choice. I found that I’m happiest living my own life in my own way. Do I get lonely? No. Do I miss being in a relationship? No, not really. I found they were too much work and the drama that comes in every relationship was more than I wanted to worry about. Would I consider being in a relationship again, I say no but I will not say, never. It would take a very special person, a “one of a kind” type person to make me even consider it and then it would probably be a very long “getting to know you” period. I am a “set in my own ways” type person. I’m very settled in my life and am very happy with it. In between the people here and the people in my non cyber life I never have a chance to be lonely. There’s always someone to talk to or to share with. Sometimes my life is so filled with other people, I think I should run away and become a hermit but I never will. Contrary to some beliefs, I like people. I like animals better but I do like people too. :)
I know that I’m very opinionated and sometimes I have a hard time accepting another’s opinion when I cannot see the perspective they are coming from or maybe even do not agree with the perspective. I do try but it is one of my weak points, being able to see another’s perspective if it’s not made clear to me. I am not a religious person but I do believe in a creator. I do not believe in hell or sin but I do believe that karma handles all things good and bad. I do not want bad karma so I live the best I can as I think IT/God would want me to live so that I can earn good karma that keeps me beneficial to others in the help I can give them. I do not deny religions their place in this world. They all serve a purpose. Do I agree with organized religions? No but they exist so I accept them but still will have my opinion of their teachings when the discussions pop up. I will never tell a person they are wrong for the religion they believe in but I will question their religion if they use it against my life.  I think I’m opinionated because opinions generate discussions and I do like to discuss and even debate because a lot can be learned through open communication. Text though is harder because so much can be misinterpreted with the written word. That’s just the way it is. I know I misunderstand people and I get misunderstood a lot. That’s when I have to dig deep to find the patience to take the time to explain what I meant. Sometimes that’s hard for me because I spend hours upon hours typing; typing, typing and boy do I HATE typing! I’ve typed so much that I’ve worn the letters off my keyboard. That’s a lot of answering, discussing, debating, sharing and socializing. You will get to know that I am a “talker”.  I have been known to write a book just to say one thing, lol
I truly am a good, kind, caring and sensitive person just not to the point that I can let stupid slide or ignorance have a voice. As soft as I can be, I can be that much harder when necessary.

Being a Pisces, I can be a mix of emotions all at once and I think that makes me hard to read sometimes. Just know, unless you’re a jerk just trying to give a hard time, I will never intentionally say something just to be mean or to hurt or offend. I do have a sense of humor but it doesn’t always match up with another’s sense of humor. If you can handle a smart azz who is that way just to be humorous, then you can handle me. If not then what can I say? We can’t all get along I guess but even then, I will have your back if you ever need the help. To me, people are people are people and we are all IT’s/God’s/Supreme Being’s creations (if you believe) or we are all simply creations in however you believe we came to be, trying to co-exist  together on one planet that is overly populated. We should take care of each other as best we can. I will give you your space as long as you give me mine. Impede on my space and try to do something destructive to it and I will come out fighting. I would expect the same of you if I impeded on your space. That’s pretty much my life beliefs. I take care of me first, my pets second and then everyone else, including all the good people of akaQA.



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Hello World

As a living breathing constantly answering social website we figured it’s about time to open a blog and share our thoughts and ideas as well as let the community introduce itself.

We’re very proud of what akaQA has become – one of the leading Q&A community websites. We hope that by communicating directly through this blog we can make it even better.


Here’s the type of information you can expect to find here:

-          Updates, upgrades and enhancements made on the site.

-          Tips for making the most out of akaQA

-          Interesting insights we gathered from the activity in the site

-          Introductions to our community members.

-          And probably some more interesting stuff

We will try to post as frequently as possible and hope to see you here often.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this blog please feel free to drop us a word at support@akaqa.com or simply comment in this blog.

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